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GET STARTED Build credit for free.No credit card, no fees, no catch.Get started in seconds.


You’ll build credit by establishing a payment history with Kikoff. Best part? You already have everything you need to get started.

1. Signup for aKikoff account.

Get instantly approved after verifying your identity.

No bank account, credit card or credit score needed.

2. Get approvedfor our plan.

Receive funds from our loan to kick off your payment history.

We’ll deposit your cash ($12) instantly.

3. Pay us backeach month.

Pay back $1 each month to demonstrate your credit.

With just one click each month, you’ll be building credit.


Lenders want to know that you’ll be responsible with money. That’s why payment history makes up 35% of every credit score. We’ll help you build a record of on-time payments to show the credit bureaus.

If you’re new to credit, expect to see a 600+ score within 30 days of getting started with Kikoff.


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